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Communication is key.

At Kay-Kay Realty Corp., we believe communication with ownership, residents, and employees is the key factor to successful management. Our diversity enables us to reach new limits in the customer service industry as well as being an efficient management team. It is through effective communication that trust and confidence are established; these are the elements that set Kay-Kay Realty apart.

Kay-Kay Realty Corp. is an Arizona corporation that has been actively licensed to engage in Real Estate Services in Arizona since its inception in 1979. The firm is not involved in development; its operations are limited to property and asset management, training, consulting, receivership engagements, and an occasional brokerage assignment.


KKRC is both a HUD approved property management firm and an Accredited Management Organization® as certified by the Institute of Real Estate Management. Current clients include JPMorgan Chase Bank, U.S. Bancorp, Red Capital Group, National Equity Fund, Raymond James Fund, SunAmerica/AIG, as well as several private investment partnerships. KKRC was proud to be awarded the first Arizona Asset Management contract by the late Resolution Trust Corporation during the early 1990s.


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KKRC has particular expertise in the management and supervision of multifamily residential properties, including those with various government programs, and non-performing assets. In conjunction with affiliates licensed in Wisconsin and New Mexico, the company currently provides asset management or tax credit compliance support services to approximately 200 properties in 16 states. Third party on-site management is currently available in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wisconsin. With over 4,000 units under our daily care, KKRC has earned a reputation for its integrity and ethics and demands no less from its employee at all organizational levels. All employees are asked to sign the Code of Ethics for an Accredited Management Organization® and to continually abide by it.


The principals of KKRC have had years of experience as consultants and operators and have developed best practices designed to enhance both the value to our owners and the quality of service to our residents, all while complying with the myriad of ever-changing laws, rules, and regulations governing the apartment industry. Our training systems are designed to assure all personnel are able to perform their job duties in conformance with our best practices. Employees are expected to develop an expert level of understanding of our systems through self-study, seminars, and hands-on experience with guidance.

David Kotin

DAVID KOTIN, Principal

David is the head of the property management division, and is responsible for all on-site property management functions including all aspects of day-to-day operations. David is a Certified Property Manager and a real estate broker licensed in Arizona, Utah and Wisconsin. In addition to supervision of the on-site staff, David is in charge of budgeting, cash management, and serves as trustee in court receivership appointments. David served as the Senior Asset Manager for Western Savings & Loan's extensive real estate owned portfolio prior to Western's dissolution.

David Kotin


Michael is a CPA and a licensed real estate broker (Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico) with extensive tax and accounting expertise in real estate and property management. Mike is also an instructor in real estate in Arizona, teaching classes in Section 8 procedures, the Fair Housing Act, leasing, LIHTC compliance, and management techniques. Mike also travels extensively and is a regular speaker and contributor to IPED, NH&RA, NCSHA, and other industry groups. He is widely acknowledged as an expert in tax credit, bond, and RHS compliance administration.

Kay Kay Realty

Arizona: Kay-Kay Realty Corp., David Kotin, Designated Broker
Nevada: Kay-Kay Management Services NEVADA, Inc., David Kotin, Broker
New Mexico: Kay-Kay Management Services NM, Inc., Michael Kotin, Qualifying Broker
Utah: Kay-Kay Management Services UT, Inc., Michael Kotin, Principal Broker
Wisconsin: Kay-Kay Management Services WI, Inc., David Kotin, Designated Broker

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